Dwell Design Studio Dwell Design Studio

Lake Nona Senior Living

Orlando, FL

Ahhh Orlando! What is there to complain about? Palm trees, sunshine…….Shamu counting the minutes till the killer whale trainer turns his back and he can make his swim to freedom…..Disney employees hoping that tourists don’t discover that Walt’s head is cryogenically frozen and used as the head of one of the little dancing eskimo children in the “It’s a Small World” ride….

Surely there’s nothing to complain about Dwell’s Lake Nona project, just right outside of Orlando! The senior living/multi-family residential development is comprised of 4 stories with 192 units and approximately 228,000 sf of block and plank construction. The Amenities include a market, bakery, exhibition kitchen, full-service kitchen, theater, cigar lounge, bar & bistro, dining facilities, medicine dispensaries, salon and spa, barbershop, massage therapy, medical exam, and activity rooms.

It tops the list on tourist maps!