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Hollis Apartments

Marietta, GA

Oh, the humanity! A country torn in two! Brother fighting brother!

Any well-learned academic of history is all too knowledgeable to the fact that during the great battle between the States, known as the Civil War, General Sherman marched towards Atlanta intent on burning it to the ground…

If he would have only stopped the Union Army in Marietta, Georgia and beheld the majesty of Dwell Design Studio’s Hollis Banberry project. Surely the General would have had second thoughts. This grand architectural statement of classic senior living design has 74 apartments, including 54 one-bedroom and 20 two-bedroom units. Hollis includes 3,500 square feet of amenities including a fitness and wellness center.

Grant would be heard saying: “By God men, just look at it. We must take care to preserve such fine treasures as these. Douse your flames… that will do."