Dwell Design Studio Dwell Design Studio

The Grid (West Quarter Block C)

Salt Lake City, UT

Robert Pattinson as Batman?! We're not buying it! He’s just a steamy/broody vampire, no way he’s pulling a mask over his money maker to become the Dark Night!

Well, hold the phone folks...turns out he’s a better Bruce than Edward, just as Dwell Design Studio’s The Grid will surprise you as not just another SLC residential and retail mixed-use project. The Grid delivers a killer performance as a thoughtfully designed urban tower connecting Salt Lake City’s CBD to the entertainment district with pedestrian-friendly mixed-use components.

Bruce Wayne would be lucky to rent one of the 321 Market Rate Apartments and grab a cold-dark brew at a low-lit coffee shop in the 25,000 sf of retail space.

This project is a box office success!