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The Mark at Tucson

Tucson, AZ

Hey there, University of Arizona! We at Dwell Design Studio owe you a big apology for the wild impact our building design has had on student attendance. Turns out, those Arizona students living at The Mark just can't bear to leave and go to class. Nope, instead, all they want is to sign up for virtual courses so they can bask in the glory of our swanky amenities, both indoors and outdoors. I mean, who can resist that rooftop pool, am I right? Meanwhile, the rest of the student population is stuck outside, forming never-ending lines, desperate to get on the waitlist to live at The Mark. They've caught wind of the fantastic unit layouts and study spaces, and now it's the hottest spot in the area. Oops, our bad! But hey, can you really blame them?


154 Units | 595 Beds
Client: Landmark Properties