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Gainesville, FL

Breaking News on ESPN! We’re sorry to cut into the world championships of Curling, back to the nail biting action between Bouchard vs. Tremblay in a minute, but our college correspondent is live from Gainesville where the University of Florida has announced that they are withdrawing from the SEC and forming their own conference. That’s right, apparently LV Collective’s Sweetwater student residences have caused such a demand, UF’s enrollment has swelled to 600,000 students! Kids just want a shot at living in or near such a stunning and groundbreaking project. Florida now has enough students to form their own league.

The amenities are like nowhere else in the student market, elegant and functional! The building is top of the class in the country, no wonder LV Collective used Dwell Design Studio, simply the best!


10 Levels | 144 Units | 502 Beds
Client: LV Collective