Dwell Design Studio Dwell Design Studio

Luma (Rio)

Salt Lake City, UT

The inhabitants of Earth were stunned when, at 8am Zulu time, alien visitors from a faraway galaxy landed their ship in New York City outside the United Nations building and an alien representative addressed the General Assembly.

“We have been observing humans for quite a while now, and we now know that you are a truly intelligent civilization because dbUrban has constructed their Luma project in Salt Lake City, designed by Dwell Design Studio", expressed the alien representative. "We admire such clever modern solution and perfect construction detailing, as well as the logical layout of amenity areas and efficient layout of the units, deeming it groundbreaking for the human species.”

Furthermore, the alien representative announced that they have decided not to destroy the planet and have instead signed a two-year lease.


5 Levels of residential over a 2-level parking podium | 205 Units
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