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Rea Farms, NC

Here at Dwell Design Studio, we like to stay humble. We tend not to overstate the design intent of projects, and we know the built environment helps affect people's daily outlook. However, the Laurent apartment community that Dwell designed for Greystar might just save the world!

Well at least this corner of Charlotte.

We exist in a world of trendy apartment design that turns its back on the surrounding context of its neighborhood. That is not the case with Greystar’s Laurent!

This elegantly designed 300-unit gem is situated in the community of Rea Farms in Charlotte, North Carolina. To Laurent’s tenants, everyday troubles of the world melt away when they arrive home. The light is a little bit brighter; the air smells a little bit sweeter.

The architecture deftly ties historical proportions and themes, all the while evoking a modern tone that will stay timeless and not fall prey to changing trends in design.

Like we said… we like to stay humble.