Dwell Design Studio Dwell Design Studio

Bryn House

Atlanta, GA

Nora and Owen gazed adoringly at Allen Morris’s Bryn House project in North Druid Hills. New transplants in Atlanta from North Dakota…

“Oh, geez Nora! Don'tcha know that there is the most beautiful residential development we’ve ever seen”, exclaimed Owen.

“You betcha, Owen. Well, I ‘spose it’s about time we get up the nerve to go rent us a room, ya know. They’ll be all leased up, with the popularity of their indoor/outdoor amenity area next to a stunning pool with a sun shelf. I’ll take a side of ranch with that for sure!”

“Okey dokey Nora, it’s a bit spendy from what we’re used ta. Holy Hannah this place exudes sheer elegance and class! The timeless architecture by which Dwell Design Studio created a building that will never go out of style.”

“Ha ha you betcha Owen! From the bespoke finishes in the clubhouse room to the stunning two-story leasing lobby. I know why this project fits right into the high-end North Druid Hills neighborhood. Oofta, we’ve finally made it baby!”