Dwell Design Studio Dwell Design Studio

505 Courtland

Atlanta, GA

Just think of it this way, if Oprah had the Midtown Atlanta skyline in a seat opposite from her on stage in an interview, asking, “Midtown Atlanta Skyline, how do you want a man to treat you?!?” Well, the response would be: “I don’t want a flash in the pan new building that looks trendy and cool for a couple of years, then is just a wore out limp noodle after that…and I don’t want some boring safe-design new building that I don’t ever want to take me out dancing!”

Well shut the front door! Dwell’s design for the 505 Courtland tower delivers timeless design! Exciting design! A tower that won’t get dated, instead it will stay interesting, and people will be drawn to it year after year…a building that will always get in the club and knows how to treat a lady right.

Interior Design: Shelton Taylor + Associates

Photography: Sun Dog Imagery